Due to the popularity of Thanksgiving we are not planning a meeting on Monday, November 25, 2013. The Beanery is a great place for coffee or a snack anyway any […]

Where is everybody?

Well Peggy and I showed up but nobody else came to the meeting. So I guess the iPhone 5 will just go to Peggy and she’s the only guest here […]

Aquila and Priscilla’s is starting to close earlier so we can’t meet there. We don’t have another location yet so there will be no meeting Monday August 5th. Stay tuned, […]

Listing view methods

One feature of the Internet is that websites are constantly developing, at least the popular ones are. I recently had call to help someone having trouble with Craigslist and it […]

Easy PC Setup – Download the Most Popular Windows Apps Whether you just got a new computer or want to add some new abilities to your current setup this page […]