Linux laptop vs. Chromebook

We work with any computers that come our way at EPCUG and lately we have been playing with Chromebooks and various versions of Linux on laptops.

Just for fun I’m going to give away a (2006 I think) Toshiba laptop and power supply with Peppermint Linux installed. It will do all a Chromebook will do but does have a hard drive and can run installed programs as well which is now a feature Chromebook is adding so they can run LibreOffice or Gimp, the office and photoshop for Linux.

The battery on this machine is not great but it seems to hold for 15 minutes or so, long enough to go from one outlet to another. If you are interested in having all the abilities of Chromebook or Android in a laptop just join us at our meeting.

Woops! Sorry…

First I need to apologize for having cancelled last week’s meeting. It wasn’t intentional so I’ll make it a lesson on using Google Calendar.

After setting up our new Google Group as a maillist I saw that it would connect to Google Calendar and I set up my EPCUG calendar to have the meeting dates on it. Now my personal calendar this then showed this calendars event and the one we get from John Morrison.

So to eliminate one of the listings and not thinking that I could really edit John’s calendar I opened it up and cancelled the meeting so it wouldn’t appear on my calendar.

Well as it turns out John’s calendar emails all of us through the mail list of meeting events and when I cancelled it, it sent out a cancellation email to us all.

The surprise to me was that I could edit John’s calendar. I’m still not sure why that happened. the long and the short of it is we will be having our meetings normally and I will set up a calendar so my EPCUG calendar sends out the notice to the group.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Computer Variety

Our group has evolved from being a PC computer group to an ‘All things computer’ type of group. The notebooks coming to the meeting are mostly Windows, but Don brings a Mac, Steve has machines with a variety of Linux OS’s on them, I have my new acquisition, a Chromebook, and everyone has an Android or iPhone with them when we gather.

Our discussions are not limited to the computers, what they do is just as interesting. Using Office apps, working on websites, navigating with phones or enjoy gaming, that just touches the surface or our discussions. If you have questions about something or if you think you could help answer others questions you are invited to visit with us.

We often eat at the kiosks in the market so if your stomach growls at dinnertime there is a lot to enjoy.

Come join with us, 5:30pm Mondays, Fifth Street Market Food Court.

Keeping a WordPress Website

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We’ve had a new guest the last few weeks who lost his website support and was unable to update his website. Most of our meetings attend to computer operation and web discoveries but we’ve had some fun problem solving WordPress managed websites.

WordPress operates about a quarter of all websites on the internet, quite an accomplishment for an open source project. The ability to add plugins for specific purposes makes it increasingly complex but the manner of troubleshooting it is fairly simple. One at a time turn off the plugins until the problem stops.

We’ll likely continue these talks in the next few weeks. If you have problems, or solutions, stop by and join us.

September 19, 2016 Gathering

dscn1213OK, it’s hard to call them meetings. Some come for the afternoon coffee, some have questions about their PC,Mac, Android or iphone workings, and some just with questions about the Internet in general.

There is a new sandwich shop at the Fifth Street Market (very good!) and we all have a good time.

If you have questions or if you have the answers, stop on by, 5:30 Monday at the upstairs Food Court at Fifth Street.

Holiday Post from Lare…

For reasons beyond just the season I will not be available at the Dec. 21 meeting but I found this offer and used it today and would suggest some others of us might benefit as well.

AVG   Christmas 2015 PC TuneUp offerAVG the virus protection program company also makes PC-Tuneup, a program like CCleaner (but more so) and normally sells it for about $50/year. I don’t usually recommend these types of programs because there are many free ways to get the same benefit, but the freebies can be more cumbersome. So when I saw an offer from AVG for a free one time use of their PC-Tuneup (if downloaded and used before Dec. 25) I tried it. It cleaned out gigs of files for me (mostly duplicate files, many videos) and has made my laptop faster. If you have time, the price is right.


Where is everyone?

meetingI know, its a busy time. School is starting, autumn and the cooler weather is beginning and taking time off for a cafe stop is not in the cards for us all.

Still, Peggy, John and myself have been coming as regularly as possible.

I keep wanting to make our gatherings published live. This photo was from Google Hangouts, a part of Google+ and if you just sign into it you could join us using it from wherever you are. I use it for business calls since it works with Google voice as well. If you take a few minutes to sign into Google+, no need to give it any information, just skip anything you don’t want to give you will make an account associated with your Gmail address. Then during the next meeting just have it open and we’ll invite your address into the meeting. Its easy!

Hope to see you next Monday, 5:30 here.