Just came across this article about a problem we spend way too much time with at our meetings.

Since many major (previously reputable) websites for downloading software have sold out and added crap to their files it has become difficult to install new software safely and we, all of us, have gotten caught with Conduit search as our homepage. This article tells us of a solution:


In short, http://ninite.com/ offers a service to install over 90 different popular titles safely. I just tried it and included all the programs I already have, Chrome, Firefox, LibreOffice, etc. and it took some time and upgraded the programs that were behind and simply told me which programs were already the latest versions.

Being up to date can be as important and being downloaded safely so I recommend this.

For $10/year you can install a copy of Ninite.com and it will scan and keep yur software up to date. For more you can keep and office up to date. But even just the free use can save you a lot of trouble.

Surf safely!


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