We’ve had a new guest the last few weeks who lost his website support and was unable to update his website. Most of our meetings attend to computer operation and […]


Since the food court at Fifth Street is likely closed anyway we will not meet on Christmas or New Years day. Come see us in weeks after the holidays. 0

Computer Dust

Three (or four, or five?) years ago my son gave me his HP notebook as he had just bought a better gaming notebook for himself. It’s still a great machine […]

Give me back my GOOGLE™

Google results without the annoying affiliate links Source: Give me back my GOOGLE™ If you’re fed up with all the annoying affiliate links clogging up the Google search results, check […]

September 19, 2016 Gathering

OK, it’s hard to call them meetings. Some come for the afternoon coffee, some have questions about their PC,Mac, Android or iphone workings, and some just with questions about the […]

Holiday Post from Lare...

For reasons beyond just the season I will not be available at the Dec. 21 meeting but I found this offer and used it today and would suggest some others […]

It’s December already! I lost a month after my wife’s stroke but she is doing pretty well so I wonder what we might do at a meeting to celebrate the season. […]