Getting into Linux


Linux distributions are a third OS option for folks who want an option besides Mac or Microsoft. You can try these very easily without having to install them on your system by booting them as a ‘live CD’ from a CD or a USB drive. Just go to the Ubuntu, Antix or Linux Mint web site and download the ISO file to your desktop. You burn the ISO to a blank CD or use an application like RUFUS to create a boot able USB drive. Just chose the live option when your system boots up and you can try Linux without change to your system. I provide links for the RUFUS ap and user tutorials below. EPCUG is happy to answer any questions.


Walk through of the MX18 Linux distro

How to Create Bootable Linux or Windows USB Using RUFUS


Tonight’s meeting was canceled, Zoom

The weather today became a storm of the decade, the storm of 2019. And individually I think we all decided that tonight’s EPCUG meeting was canceled.

But with all the snow and power outages eventually I got to thinking about other things. Something I’d seen in the news recently. A company called Zoom that was going public soon and worth billions of dollars, and I never heard of it. I Googled it and found it was a conferencing program and it could be used by two people at once for free.

So this afternoon I texted I our member Stephen and I asked if he had time to try it out with me. While we were texting I figured out that he wouldn’t need to install software that he just needed to open a web browser and go to a page to use it. Finding that his internet connection wasn’t powerful enough to run it (we thought) in this ridiculous weather he drove to Starbucks. It was closed due to the weather. So he moved on and found somewhere with an internet connection and we continued to try to connect using Zoom and this time it occurred to me that there are versions of this Zoom for Android and iPhone. So after several hours we finally connected and after discovering what was causing earlier trouble we connected with four different types of devices. We had a meeting with two cellphones and a desktop and a laptop. Since that was more than two connections the meeting would be limited to 40 minutes so we disconnect the cellphones so the meeting could last as long as we needed. We then played around with the desktop sharing, swapping control, annotating and everything else we could find it would do. Suffice it to say it works pretty well.

So while there was no official meeting tonight we did get to try out some software and we invite you to do the same. for desktop laptop Android or iPhone.

7 DIY Projects You Can Make With an Old Hard Drive — MakeUseOf

Since EPCUG is a group associated with making the most of computers I found this post at MAKEUSEOF quite interesting. I didn’t know about some of the boxes for drives now available. Maybe they could be plugged into the back of the Xfinity modem as a network drive? Ideas folks?


Don’t throw out that old hard drive from your computer! Yes, that’s even if you’ve got a fancy new solid state drive (SSD) or if your hard disk drive (HDD) finally gave up. Whether it’s functional or not, your old drive still has some cool uses. What you do with it depends on whether the…

via 7 DIY Projects You Can Make With an Old Hard Drive — MakeUseOf

Computer Variety

Our group has evolved from being a PC computer group to an ‘All things computer’ type of group. The notebooks coming to the meeting are mostly Windows, but Don brings a Mac, Steve has machines with a variety of Linux OS’s on them, I have my new acquisition, a Chromebook, and everyone has an Android or iPhone with them when we gather.

Our discussions are not limited to the computers, what they do is just as interesting. Using Office apps, working on websites, navigating with phones or enjoy gaming, that just touches the surface or our discussions. If you have questions about something or if you think you could help answer others questions you are invited to visit with us.

We often eat at the kiosks in the market so if your stomach growls at dinnertime there is a lot to enjoy.

Come join with us, 5:30pm Mondays, Fifth Street Market Food Court.

Keeping a WordPress Website

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We’ve had a new guest the last few weeks who lost his website support and was unable to update his website. Most of our meetings attend to computer operation and web discoveries but we’ve had some fun problem solving WordPress managed websites.

WordPress operates about a quarter of all websites on the internet, quite an accomplishment for an open source project. The ability to add plugins for specific purposes makes it increasingly complex but the manner of troubleshooting it is fairly simple. One at a time turn off the plugins until the problem stops.

We’ll likely continue these talks in the next few weeks. If you have problems, or solutions, stop by and join us.

Microsoft: Beware this fake Windows BSOD from tech support scammers’ malware | ZDNet

Hicurdismos is a crafty example of an emerging tactic that’s having greater success at roping younger people into tech support scams. Instead of cold-calling would-be targets, scammers are using online pop-up ads and fake security warnings to encourage people to contact a bogus support center.

Source: Microsoft: Beware this fake Windows BSOD from tech support scammers’ malware | ZDNet

The Holidays are coming!

It’s December already! I lost a monthEPCUGmeetingart.jpg after my wife’s stroke but she is doing pretty well so I wonder what we might do at a meeting to celebrate the season. As a group of Geeks I would assume we would do something computery, but what could it be. Does anyone have some thoughts?

I’ve thought of giving away used Androids setup to work with WiFi and all the Google programs including Voice/Hangout which gives it a free phone number for voice and text.

Any other thoughts?


Meeting Location Change 5-11-2015

Our meeting cafe decided to begin charging for Internet access so this week we will move down Fifth Avenue to the Fifth Street Market. So beginning Monday, May 11, 2015 come to the Food Court at Fifth Street Market, 5:30pm and look for a table of happy geeks (and others) to join us.

Fifth Street Public Market