We’ve had a new guest the last few weeks who lost his website support and was unable to update his website. Most of our meetings attend to computer operation and […]

Give me back my GOOGLE™

Google results without the annoying affiliate links Source: Give me back my GOOGLE™ If you’re fed up with all the annoying affiliate links clogging up the Google search results, check […]

It’s December already! I lost a month after my wife’s stroke but she is doing pretty well so I wonder what we might do at a meeting to celebrate the season. […]

Monday November 10th 2014

So far I plan to talk about email with John and we’re pretty much open to anything after that. So if you have something you need to discuss with other […]

Memorial Day 2014

I have not checked to see if the cafe, The Beanery, will be open but I have plans for a family picnic and will not be there this evening. I’ll […]

Avoid Unwanted Crapware

Just came across this article about a problem we spend way too much time with at our meetings. Since many major (previously reputable) websites for downloading software have sold out […]