The Eugene PC User Group is a group formed in 1985 as a means for PC users to share experiences and learn from each other. Our purpose has not changed.

But since the growth of the Internet much of the information we shared has now become available universally and many of our members stopped coming to our monthly meetings. So now we do not limit ourselves to Windows operating systems and have folks using Macs, Linux, Tablet and Smart Phone systems as well and our discussions are about how to get the most from them and more basically how to use them.

We still try to be as helpful to other PC user needs as we can and meet socially most every Monday at the food court in  The Fifth Street Market in Eugene at 5:30-7:00pm and on the second Monday of each month we try to have a presentation to share.

All our meetings are free and open to anyone but we accept donations. Come visit with us. It’s like Facebook “Live”.

7 thoughts on “About EPCUG

  1. Hello,

    I just found your post,, and think this would be a fun group to become a part of. That is if there are openings. A little about me, I am a 25 year old male with Multiple Sclerosis and currently living in Springfield. I have been on PC’s since I was 11 and am currently enrolled in Pioneer Pacific for the Computer Network Technology. I have been trying to find a way to occupy my off time and this group looks like it could have the potential to fill that need. I would like to know more about the group if that is alright.

  2. Moved to Eugene in May of this year and have been looking for a group to be involved with at the PC level with software, hardware and repair. Been in electronic, both school and work, since 1965 – yes, that is not a typo. Trained on vacuum tubes and discrete transistors in the early years.

  3. Great to hear from you. Come join us at the Beanery 152 West 5th Avenue in Eugene Monday at 5:30. We’d be glad to see you.

  4. I do not know if it is appropriate to list this here, but I cannot find another contact point. I am selling an Epson R2000 printer with two sets of ink for $450.00. It has Wi-Fi capabilities. I have used it three times. I have no complaint at all with this printer. I have just been given another one and do not need two. Thank you, Laoni Davis

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