Makeuseof.com has made some wonderful informative publications for free over the years and they just did it again.Here is a link to an e-Book you can download or read online […]

We’ve had discussions at our meetings about Facebook Security in the cafe and how anyone with the Firefox extension Firesheep could access our accounts while using Facebook in the cafe. […]

Some of us in this group have been using PCs for decades now and from back in those early years were some writers/geeks who became well known for having great […]

Image via Wikipedia While I am a user of Thunderbird most of the time for my mail I have several computers so I wind up checking my Gmail addresses in […]

Three of us made it to the cafe this evening: We all won a good cup of coffee tonight. Come next month and see what happens then.

Tonight I have the holiday season on my mind and the current state of the world requires thoughts of less expensive ways to celebrate. Shouldn’t computing make this possible? That […]

Our old website was too difficult for us to keep updated so we have now changed to this WordPress Blog format. With luck we will all now see new information […]