Monday November 10th 2014

So far I plan to talk about email with John and we’re pretty much open to anything after that. So if you have something you need to discuss with other […]


I know, its a busy time. School is starting, autumn and the cooler weather is beginning and taking time off for a cafe stop is not in the cards for […]

Memorial Day 2014

I have not checked to see if the cafe, The Beanery, will be open but I have plans for a family picnic and will not be there this evening. I’ll […]

Avoid Unwanted Crapware

Just came across this article about a problem we spend way too much time with at our meetings. Since many major (previously reputable) websites for downloading software have sold out […]

Due to the popularity of Thanksgiving we are not planning a meeting on Monday, November 25, 2013. The Beanery is a great place for coffee or a snack anyway any […]

Where is everybody?

Well Peggy and I showed up but nobody else came to the meeting. So I guess the iPhone 5 will just go to Peggy and she’s the only guest here […]