I recall writing about this subject recently but can’t recall where I did it.

The point is all software should be kept up to date to avoid trouble. Linux does this mostly automatically and I expect Mac does something similar. But in Windows, software comes from so many different publishers the operating systems ignores the issue.

You could check each time you open any program to see if it is up to date but that is not the time to do it, you opened your program to complete some other task and you want to do that. So this program, Patch My PC Home Updater, recognizes over 300 common programs, particularly the free ones, and can update them for you anytime. A very valuable task saver.

That might seem to be enough but I found this program to have another useful purpose. I had not seen many of the programs it watches. By right clicking on their listing and choosing to see info about them I learned of a number of useful programs  I would never have known about without this program. By simply clicking the checkbox by the program and choosing update I could install that program also.

For me this keeps Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, LibreOffice, Ccleaner and many more up to date and keep me a little bit safer from problems and hacking.

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