First I need to apologize for having cancelled last week’s meeting. It wasn’t intentional so I’ll make it a lesson on using Google Calendar.

After setting up our new Google Group as a maillist I saw that it would connect to Google Calendar and I set up my EPCUG calendar to have the meeting dates on it. Now my personal calendar this then showed this calendars event and the one we get from John Morrison.

So to eliminate one of the listings and not thinking that I could really edit John’s calendar I opened it up and cancelled the meeting so it wouldn’t appear on my calendar.

Well as it turns out John’s calendar emails all of us through the mail list of meeting events and when I cancelled it, it sent out a cancellation email to us all.

The surprise to me was that I could edit John’s calendar. I’m still not sure why that happened. the long and the short of it is we will be having our meetings normally and I will set up a calendar so my EPCUG calendar sends out the notice to the group.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

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