Instant screen sharing, web conferencing, remote support, desktop remote control and messaging. No downloads for participants!

I’m always looking for ways to have meetings, webinars, with everyone in a manner that would let us have folks at the cafe, at home or work, anywhere be able to join us and share. To make that work I require our method to include use of Linux and most of us require Windows, 7, XP, and a few of us need Mac support. may make this work for us and this week, next Monday April 5, 2010, I suggest everyone visit this site,  download and install their software and create an account. Then at  5:30 we all start it, find each other through our Internet Messenger accounts, chat or (if you have free long distance) use the Yuuguu telephone conference call.

If there are support questions that member can show us their screen and we can all commiserate together or maybe find a solution.

If you need more explanation have a look at this video or Google ‘Yuuguu video’ and see more.

How To Use Yuuguu For Simple, Free Screen Sharing

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