This week we were pretty sparse for members at the cafe. The Hot Chocolate was good though. Among other things we did we looked at Picasa again, the Google Photos program.

Picasa 3: Free download from Google

I have used it on a number of machines over the years and recently have enjoyed being able to use it in Linux. What I hadn’t realized was the Linux edition is several versions behind what is available for Windows. And since version 3.5, last September, there has been the ability for Picasa to detect faces:

It’s pretty simple. Picasa shows the ‘Unnamed’ faces in all your photos and you identify them and add a name (and email address if you wish) to it. It then picks out all the other faces it has that it thinks is the same person and asks you to check its work. It’s uncanny and in our meeting’s experience, very good.

If you are using Windows and haven’t updated it yet, do so! Its worth it.

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