Our old website was too difficult for us to keep updated so we have now changed to this WordPress Blog format. With luck we will all now see new information every week as to what we have been able to do and share as a User Group.

If you would like to share something here on this page/site just login and write. New posts and comments will be moderated to keep out spam so be patient if you writing is not immediately displayed.

6 thoughts on “Website Update!

  1. I too am curious about what is face book and why would I want to use it? It seems to me that it takes me way too much time to find what I am looking for on the web already. Will adding another place to look on the web help? I really like my PDA and that took some getting used to so I am hopeful that Facebook will be the same.

  2. The figures I have read lately have Facebook membership now over 100 million and half of them log in daily to “check it out”.

    Posting info about yourself or your work frequently may be noticed by folks who would like to use your business.

    At least, that’s the thought. 🙂

  3. I am trying to locate Ray Johnson who worked for PNWS years ago and didn’t bring me a cookie this last Christmas.

  4. I just sent him your note and assume he’ll reach you. I’m sure the cookie was an oversite or else an underling ate it. 🙂

    -=Larry Cotton=-

  5. I am at this page: https://epcug.net/2008/11/website-update/comment-page-1/#comment-61

    and it says: “If you would like to share something here on this page/site just login and write. ” I found “Log in” under the “Meta” heading and tried to log in using the user name that I had “way back when”, when your website was quite different. Apparently, I am not “log-in-able” any more. How does a person get “log-in-able”?

  6. Ward, you were right, I had the site configured so you couldn’t register. It’s fixed now and you can contribute whenever you wish.

    Thanks for the note!

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