Most of our members are of the “Older” persuasion and so we are not as involved in the Social Network scene all the kids. But maybe we should give it another look.

Facebook EPCUG Group Page
Facebook EPCUG Group Page

We now have an EPCUG Facebook group where we can share our calendar, news and a Forum with Facebook members as well as the real live folks we get to meet at the cafe. 🙂

Have a look and leave a note, or show whether you can attend a meeting or upload photos, video or anything you think our group may find interesting.

Clearly we’ll have to have some discussion about Facebook at a meeting and maybe one of us more informed about it can schedule an appearance.

It’s a whole new (to the oldsters) phenomena that the kids have been building up for years. It’s about time we learned more about it too and maybe find more folks who will join us through this page/group.

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