We have long used our maillist to communicate between members and make announcements a very Web 1.0 method. (Showing our age!)

So today I made several additions to our website to make more of our communications happen through the site.

RSS – We have always had an RSS feed for anyone interested in using our site from a reader like Bloglines or Google Reader and such.


can be entered in the readers or in Outlook Express and Thunderbird as a feed. Anything written on the site will appear in your programs when posted.

E-Mail Updates – In addition we now have our RSS feed posting web posts to e-mail addresses that register on our site. Think of it as a maillist for announcements. Just visit the website and register your e-mail address.  https://epcug.net

Mobile Phone Access – At our last meeting Salli noticed our website was not readable on her iTouch. Today I set us up with a free MoFuse account so we are now visible on web phones. Just visiting our site with a web phone should re-direct it to our mobile web site. Check it out and post a comment.

I’m hoping this will make us more accessible to more visitors and members. Tell your friends!

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