Dropbox – Easy Network file sharing

Dropbox: Now Effortlessly Syncing Files For 1 Million Members

Techcrunch now confirms the value of a program/service I have spoken about at our meetings. Dropbox just surpassed one million users this past month and is planning to offer peer to peer sharing for offices.

If you are looking for a simple way to share files on several computers in the home, office, wherever this is much easier that setting up home networking and is just as valuable. Give it a shot.

Dropbox – 2 gigs Useful sharing still free

Dropbox – Home – Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.

I’ve been missing our meetings while laying on my back recovering and one thing I found that made my time alone useful was this program , Dropbox.

This is a file sharing program that will install on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. Then by logging into the service with the program each computer has a file directory where files may be accessed and synced.

For me this made it possible for me to access files on my desktop while using my laptop where I lay. In my case I used it with UltraVNC and could move files on the desktop also from my laptop.

I haven’t begun to use the other features, sub directories in the Dropbox may be shared with other Dropbox accounts recognized by their email addresses. Also they may be made public.

While I have tried many services of this genre, Adrive offering 50 gigs free, Google Docs with one gig, or Google Picasa with a gig for pictures, Box.net offers 1 gig, Mozy.com offers 2 gigs of backup space. But no other service works on all operation systems and offers syncing, sharing and storage combined.

Click the link at the start of this article to try it out.

Online DimDim meeting tonight?

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Whether you can get to the Aquilla & Priscilla’s cafe tonight or not I will host an online meeting using DimDim.com’s conferencing service.

I would rather be with you at the cafe tonight but I am down with a back injury so I need o stay horizontal tonight. I still invite you to go enjoy the tasty refreshments at the Cafe, make me jealous, but whether you go or not open your browser to DimDim’s site at 5:30pm (pacific) and we’ll get together anyway.

Tonight I’m going to try the use of my microphone and have the feature turned on for anyone else with one. I believe it will require a push to talk button be used to speak so maybe we can talk in turn and actually be understood.

When you are at the DimDim site hit “Join a Meeting” and use my email address for meeting ID, motorbelly@gmail.com

I have made this an open meeting so you won’t need a password but give yourself an ID that will help us know who you are.

See you there! -=Larry=-

DimDim.com Conference

Dimdim: Web conferencing that just works!

We just finished a meeting both at the cafe and online, with DimDim 4.5

I hurt a nerve last week and still can’t walk very well so I logged into DimDim.com from home and started a meeting with this online conferencing site.

There are quite a few services like this but most require all users to download software before they can join in. DimDim has it all in the browser. (I did have to wait while a desktop sending program had to be installed in Firefox, but it didn’t make me leave the meeting or close Firefox) There are four tools in the meeting, a Whiteboard to draw whatever you like, a document viewer, (pps, ppt presentation files) a web page sharing window and I could show my desktop.

Like anything new we were a bit awkward getting started, but all in all it went pretty easily. We played with all the tools and found the included page sharing browser didn’t display the pages we wanted to share but we were able to just use the desktop sharing and my Firefox to share the site we wanted.

For a quickly setup meeting with folks close to the older generation we did pretty well. With more preparation we could have setup microphones and webcams and heard each other though the computer. As it was we used cell phones on speakerphone.

DimDim also has a recording ability we may use in the future to save the presentations.

Next time we’ll send out early notices so more folks could join in. DimDim is still free up to 20 users, but for a fee can handle hundreds. Let’s dream about a show where we need the paid service!

Lastpass.com Password Storage

I have long wanted to get my wife to quit using the old Gator (Clarion) password keeper that I (and others) consider spyware.

There are a number of Open Source products that just don’t seem as convenient as Gator and Roboform works great but costs $30.

So I came across Lastpass recently and have begun researching it. The major download sites give it good reviews and my own experience so far has been great.

The problem in my home has been finding a way to get all the passords my wife has created in Gator into Lastpass. I couldn’t import directly but found I could install Roboform, it will import from Gator and Lastpass will import from Roboform.

I think we have a keeper here. If you try it, please leave a comment here about your own experience maybe I’m all washed up.  🙂

March 9, 2009 Meeting

We have reserved the meeting room at Aquilla & Priscilla’s and will have the projector if there aren’t enough laptops to go around.

The topic is Facebook for beginners. If you use it a lot come tell us what you have learned, if it’s something you have wondered about, come learn from the others.

As always, the meeting is free, come one, come all!


Enjoying the new location

We had our first gathering at Aquila’s and Priscilla’s last Monday and some of us will be there again tonight. We decided to only reserve the meeting room for presentations and since we don’t have one tonight, we’ll just sit socially.

I would like to begin opening to folks who would just join us online while we meet at the cafe, it’s been requested in the past so I hope to show some collaboration sites that may be useful to us for this.



This is just to get the discussion going. Do you have suggestions?

Updating Our Updates

We have long used our maillist to communicate between members and make announcements a very Web 1.0 method. (Showing our age!)

So today I made several additions to our website to make more of our communications happen through the site.

RSS – We have always had an RSS feed for anyone interested in using our site from a reader like Bloglines or Google Reader and such.


can be entered in the readers or in Outlook Express and Thunderbird as a feed. Anything written on the site will appear in your programs when posted.

E-Mail Updates – In addition we now have our RSS feed posting web posts to e-mail addresses that register on our site. Think of it as a maillist for announcements. Just visit the website and register your e-mail address.  https://epcug.net

Mobile Phone Access – At our last meeting Salli noticed our website was not readable on her iTouch. Today I set us up with a free MoFuse account so we are now visible on web phones. Just visiting our site with a web phone should re-direct it to our mobile web site. Check it out and post a comment.

I’m hoping this will make us more accessible to more visitors and members. Tell your friends!

New Meeting Location this week

Aquila & Priscilla’s

Last week we arrived at Brewed Awakening to discover they had changed their hours to close at 4pm. Since we meet at 5:30pm that didn’t work. After looking through three other locations we sat down at a Starbuck’s but were unable to have Internet connection.

This week we have chosen to meet at Aquila & Priscilla’s at the Q St and Pioneer Pkwy Shopping Center (with Safeway) and try out their meeting room. Salli and Larry say they have great coffee and food so if computer talk is not enough, come enjoy some great food.

Join us (it’s free) Monday at 5:30pm