Image via Wikipedia Whether you can get to the Aquilla & Priscilla’s cafe tonight or not I will host an online meeting using’s conferencing service. I would rather be […]

Dimdim: Web conferencing that just works! We just finished a meeting both at the cafe and online, with DimDim 4.5 I hurt a nerve last week and still can’t walk […]

We have reserved the meeting room at Aquilla & Priscilla’s and will have the projector if there aren’t enough laptops to go around. The topic is Facebook for beginners. If […]

We had our first gathering at Aquila’s and Priscilla’s last Monday and some of us will be there again tonight. We decided to only reserve the meeting room for presentations […]

We have long used our maillist to communicate between members and make announcements a very Web 1.0 method. (Showing our age!) So today I made several additions to our website […]

Aquila & Priscilla’s Last week we arrived at Brewed Awakening to discover they had changed their hours to close at 4pm. Since we meet at 5:30pm that didn’t work. After […]

We have chosen to cancel the December 29 Meeting and will announce later about the January 5 Meeting. Take time to be with family and friends this season and we […]