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While I am a user of Thunderbird most of the time for my mail I have several computers so I wind up checking my Gmail addresses in its website form quite often, that is at

I find all webmail sites to be very ‘clunky’ and slow but Gmail does offer hotkeys so moving through the mail and handling it can be fairly quick. Just use the symbol ? (shift-/) when at the Gmail page to see what is available. There is a link on that display to this page which lists the key commands. Here are the ones I use most:

When you first reach the Gmail page just hit Enter or o (small O) and the top message will display.

If you want to delete an email you are reading just hit # (shift-3) and it goes to trash and you are back at the Inbox.

If you are viewing a message and just want to archive it and see the next previous message use [ or to see the next newer message use ]

If you are reading a message and want to reply hit r

Hotkeys require memory, something tough for me but by using them repeatedly they begin to stick and make email reading much faster. Give it a try.  🙂

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