Holiday Post from Lare…

For reasons beyond just the season I will not be available at the Dec. 21 meeting but I found this offer and used it today and would suggest some others of us might benefit as well.

AVG   Christmas 2015 PC TuneUp offerAVG the virus protection program company also makes PC-Tuneup, a program like CCleaner (but more so) and normally sells it for about $50/year. I don’t usually recommend these types of programs because there are many free ways to get the same benefit, but the freebies can be more cumbersome. So when I saw an offer from AVG for a free one time use of their PC-Tuneup (if downloaded and used before Dec. 25) I tried it. It cleaned out gigs of files for me (mostly duplicate files, many videos) and has made my laptop faster. If you have time, the price is right.


The Holidays are coming!

It’s December already! I lost a monthEPCUGmeetingart.jpg after my wife’s stroke but she is doing pretty well so I wonder what we might do at a meeting to celebrate the season. As a group of Geeks I would assume we would do something computery, but what could it be. Does anyone have some thoughts?

I’ve thought of giving away used Androids setup to work with WiFi and all the Google programs including Voice/Hangout which gives it a free phone number for voice and text.

Any other thoughts?