I have long wanted to get my wife to quit using the old Gator (Clarion) password keeper that I (and others) consider spyware.

There are a number of Open Source products that just don’t seem as convenient as Gator and Roboform works great but costs $30.

So I came across Lastpass recently and have begun researching it. The major download sites give it good reviews and my own experience so far has been great.

The problem in my home has been finding a way to get all the passords my wife has created in Gator into Lastpass. I couldn’t import directly but found I could install Roboform, it will import from Gator and Lastpass will import from Roboform.

I think we have a keeper here. If you try it, please leave a comment here about your own experience maybe I’m all washed up.  🙂

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