Aquila & Priscilla’s Last week we arrived at Brewed Awakening to discover they had changed their hours to close at 4pm. Since we meet at 5:30pm that didn’t work. After […]

We have chosen to cancel the December 29 Meeting and will announce later about the January 5 Meeting. Take time to be with family and friends this season and we […]

Maybe we should cancel tonight’s meeting… OK, maybe that isn’t Eugene but it did snow last night and I’m not sure we need to travel anywhere tonight. Comment below if […]

You Missed Out

Three of us made it to the cafe this evening: We all won a good cup of coffee tonight. Come next month and see what happens then.

Tonight I have the holiday season on my mind and the current state of the world requires thoughts of less expensive ways to celebrate. Shouldn’t computing make this possible? That […]

EPCUG on Facebook

Most of our members are of the “Older” persuasion and so we are not as involved in the Social Network scene all the kids. But maybe we should give it […]

Our old website was too difficult for us to keep updated so we have now changed to this WordPress Blog format. With luck we will all now see new information […]