Fake H1N1 (Swine Flu) alerts lead to malware | Zero Day | ZDNet.com ZDNet reports a malicious email is out and about suggesting you download software for Swine Flu protection. […]

Welcome to Microsoft SharedView | Microsoft Connect(Click graphic or link above to visit their site)This tool by Microsoft (Yes, can you believe I’m recommending it?) requires a Microsoft email address […]

Google Translate I happened to use Google Translate recently and realized they have changed its face since my last visit. If you don’t know about this service visit the link. […]

There were recently two e-mails to our list suggesting that a good topic for an upcoming meeting might be on how to speed up computers.  I thought the topic might come […]

CPCUG Recommended Freeware Programs CPCUG is the Capitol PC User Group in Washington DC, a group a bit larger than ours. They have a page/presentation of some software recommendations for […]