Dimdim: Web conferencing that just works!

We just finished a meeting both at the cafe and online, with DimDim 4.5

I hurt a nerve last week and still can’t walk very well so I logged into DimDim.com from home and started a meeting with this online conferencing site.

There are quite a few services like this but most require all users to download software before they can join in. DimDim has it all in the browser. (I did have to wait while a desktop sending program had to be installed in Firefox, but it didn’t make me leave the meeting or close Firefox) There are four tools in the meeting, a Whiteboard to draw whatever you like, a document viewer, (pps, ppt presentation files) a web page sharing window and I could show my desktop.

Like anything new we were a bit awkward getting started, but all in all it went pretty easily. We played with all the tools and found the included page sharing browser didn’t display the pages we wanted to share but we were able to just use the desktop sharing and my Firefox to share the site we wanted.

For a quickly setup meeting with folks close to the older generation we did pretty well. With more preparation we could have setup microphones and webcams and heard each other though the computer. As it was we used cell phones on speakerphone.

DimDim also has a recording ability we may use in the future to save the presentations.

Next time we’ll send out early notices so more folks could join in. DimDim is still free up to 20 users, but for a fee can handle hundreds. Let’s dream about a show where we need the paid service!